Love Makes the World Go Round

Didn’t get around to writing this last night, so it’s a little bit late, but important nonetheless.

As you’ve probably realized, today is Valentine’s Day. Maybe you love the holiday, maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re just plain old neutral about it. From around noon yesterday to noon today (according to the event information on Facebook), Love is the Movement took place.

“Among teenagers it is estimated that 20 percent will suffer from depression at some point by the time they reach adulthood. There are also as many as 8.3 percent of teens suffering from depression for at least a year at a time, compared to 5.3 percent of the general population.Insprired by the work of TWLOHA (To Write Love On Her Arms), an organization created to spread awareness for teen depression, self-injury, and suicide, we are coming together to make sure the whole world knows. During the time of year that suicide rates are at their highest, we chose February 13, the day before Valentine’s Day, as our opportunity to start showing people how much they are loved.”

As well, I happened upon a blog entry yesterday about 90 Day Jane, a blog by a woman claiming that she would end her life in 90 days time. The blog entry seemed rather skeptical about the validity of this, and so naturally it was quite curiousity piquing as to whether this was merely a hoax. A quick Google search yielded some links, and the majority seemed to be disbelieving. (Or perhaps those who were sceptical were merely more outspoken regarding their opinions, who knows?)

 Although it might sound bizarre to say so, hopefully this is merely a hoax, because the alternative is much worse. However, if this is fake, then quite frankly, for shame. Depression is a very serious issue and not to be taken so lightly. Those suffering from it deserve better than this; imposters (if this is indeed a hoax) have no right to try and garner attention for personal gain when people are experiencing such trauma, such pain.

To Write Love On Her Arms’ website can be found here:¬†in case you’re interested in checking it out.

“Stop the bleeding. Rescue is possible.”

So, I’ll do my part and help to spread the message. No matter how bad things seem, no matter how hard life seems, no matter how sad, always remember, things will get better. Just hang in there. Maybe you’re thinking, “Easy for her to say,” or “She’s only fifteen, what does she know?” or “That’s a good point,” or maybe you’re thinking something else entirely or haven’t yet formulated an opinion. Well, think about it if it’s the latter, and if it’s the former, then it’s good advice, because although I haven’t encountered anyone who’s actually made any suicide attempts, I have had friends who’ve been depressed, who resorted to measures that perhaps they wouldn’t have had they been clear of mind. I know what it’s like to feel an all time low. I know what it feels like to be in the moment, to want to reach for something sharp.

But it will get better. Just remember, no matter what, someone out there loves you. Someone out there cares about you, worries about you, and loves you. The grass always seems greener on the other side, but that doesn’t mean that it actually is. If you feel yourself losing control, just take some deep breaths, count for a while, sing or hum a tune, try to remember that life is worth living. Think of all the things in the world, all the beautiful, lovely things that are worth living for. It’s the small things that cause the greatest happiness.

So go out there and do your part now. Show someone that you care, do a kind gesture for a random stranger, tell someone that you love them. It all matters. Everything matters. Love matters.

Happy Valentine’s Day.