What a… Typo?

So, I log onto Messenger and the usual Windows Live Today box pops up, and “Mary Kate Hospitalized” dominates the default screen with a banner. For some peculiar reason, rather than immediately closing the popup today, I clicked the link. And, as can be expected, am led to the corresponding article.

Then I see the first sentence. I’m a little out of it today, and was quite confused at first regarding exactly what number I was reading, then contemplated that perhaps the link had be faulty? But no, it was neither of the above; it was simply a typo. But, wow, if Mary Kate can still look like that at the age of 80-naturally-it’ll really be amazing.

 **Image can be found at: http://entertainment1.sympatico.msn.ca/MK+In+Hospital+Does+Starbucks+Come+In+Intravenous+/Celebs/Dramarama/ContentPosting_Dramarama.aspx?isfa=1&newsitemid=b81c61e7-8722-439e-b542-fe5aae303723&feedname=RYAN_PORTER_GOSSIP&show=False&number=0&showbyline=True&subtitle=&detect=&abc=abc&date=False