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Late Night Musings

So, as we enter yet another month in 2007, it seems as though summer has slipped through time as quickly as heavy raindrops through a glistening spider web.

It was heartening to see responses to my initial post on Blogger–truth be told, I was a little worried that this would simply slip through the cracks and nobody else would ever stumble upon this page. And yet, lo’ and behold: comments.

Kind of reminded me of Extras (Scott Westerfeld), as a matter of fact. (Not that I’ve read it yet–still waiting for the October 2nd release like everyone else.) From the breif summaries and advance reviews from various web sources, it sounds as though the world in which Extras takes place is obessesed with fame. Which if you think about it, isn’t that what blogs and personal websites are about, to some degree? After all, that is why we have the comments, the hits, the visitor counters, etc., is it not? Perhaps as humans, attention is what we strive for. Opinions, anyone?

Recently updated to Windows Vista Operating system–although quite cool, I must admit, it is a little confusing at times, and rather different from the classic Windows look, espeically from the twentieth century editions. But I suppose all it’ll take is some getting used to.

‘Til next time, over and out.

The picture was taken from because it seemed to fit the first paragraph, to some degree. Credit to the photographer.