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Bloody Mary

So, on Friday night I was watching Ghost Whisperer, and it was the Don’t Try This at Home episode, about Bloody Mary. In itself a creepy episode. They mentioned a website,, so I logged on to check it out. And behold, the website exists!

Then I remembered this book I’d read a few years ago, in the Deadtime series, by A.G. Cascone: Mirror Mirror. And guess what it was about. Mary Weatherworth, derived from Bloody Mary.

 On Saturday, in the daylight, I decided to do further research on Bloody Mary, namely reading the Wikipedia article. And apparently is a website affliated with Ghost Whisperer, so that was a bit calming.

Then, I was on Deviant Art, just randomly surfing, and I stumble across a deviation about Bloody Mary, without even trying to.

That’s three.

A coincidence, no doubt, but freaky nonetheless. Anyone else catch that episode?


Bloody Mary Bloody Mary Bloody Mary