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Falling Leaves

And so, yet another month has passed us by. The leaves are changing colour, turning vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow–along with the occasional deep purple. Soon they’ll all be dead, returning to the earth and becoming compost for future generations of lush green leaves come next Spring.

It’s been a little bizarre, embarking on the second month of sophmore year in high school. It differs a great deal from my expectations, and what the experience is described as in books. But isn’t that simply what life is? A series of disappointments and discoveries that nothing’s what it seems? Although I do admit that there are the occasional positive things. Unless you’re super-optimistic, in which case anything could seem positive.

There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day. Haven’t been able to update Reuni Enfin recently, nor any other recreational, non-fanfic writing. Which is kind of sad.

Haven’t been reading that much recently either, but Extras is coming out tomorrow, and that is definitely a must-read on the ever-shrinking list. Anybody discover some absolutely amazing book lately? A little unfortunate that it’s going to be a super-busy day tomorrow.

Listening: Fallen Leaves, Billy Talent
Eating: Doritos Nachos
Drinking: Chocolate Milk 🙂